Nine hole Executive Par 3 golf course and pro shop.  Opening time depends on the time of year and the season, and closes at dusk.

March 2021

Local Regulations

  • All players must register before starting play.
  • Each player must have his own bag and clubs.
  • Matches exceeding foursomes are not allowed.
  • Let faster players play through.
  • Children under twelve must be accompanied by and adult.
  • Starter shall have the right to make up foursomes when the course is crowded.
  • Players are requested to repair ball marks and replace divots.
  • Carts are not allowed within 30 feet of green.
  • No spectators except during authorized tournaments.
  • No caddies.
  • Players are required to wear shirts while on the course.
$10.00 plus tax Monday-Friday
$9.00 plus tax Saturday-Sunday

Footgolf Rules
  • Play begins at #10
  • ABSOLUTELY NO Soccer Cleats or Spikes of any kind
  • Stay off the Putting Greens at all times
  • Be Courteous and respect golfers
  • Wait your turn. Allow golfers to exit the green before kicking
  • Keep up pace of play
  • Proper attire must be worn at all times
  • Kick from the RED TEE MARKERS
  • No dribbling of any kind with the soccer ball
  • No personal food or beverage is allowed
$3.00 plus tax Monday-Sunday
$2.50 plus tax for soccer ball (or bring your own soccer ball)

Disc Golf Rules

The Disc Golf Course has been re-located to our 18 hole par 3 course.  Please find attached a list of the rules and regulations for play on our golf course.

$3.00 plus tax Monday-Sunday